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  1. Hey if you are free next Monday the 16, I've got a group going out to the spot by the reservoir, thinking it will be the last one for the year, I'm getting worn out trying to find them rabbits.
  2. Good Morning Missy! are you going to attend the RAC meeting this evening? I know me and Mark will be there
  3. Hi Rex, try calling again my number is 801 636 6145. I have the rest of this week off and next to help out with the meet. So I am hoping there will be time for hawking.

  4. Hi Missy, Rex hall here. I have tried calling you on a couple of occasions without success. I was wondering if you are still open to me tagging along on some of your hunting trips? I just finished the exam at the DWR and am confident I have passed. Again, I really would like to get out with some folks and experience hunting. Let me know if this is possible. Look forward to hearing from you.
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