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  1. Chris,
    Never mind. I have been browsing while at work and realized the photo problem was because I was using a computer under a different user's log in, so when I logged in under my access, all photos are there again. Sorry about that.
  2. Hi Chris, many, but not all, of photos in threads are suddenly gone. I really like looking at the photos in NAFEX posts, but since yesterday, many of the photos aren't there in the threads I usually follow. One example is the 2012-2013 season longwing hawking photos and stories thread. On the last page posts # 283 and 285 used to have photos but they are now gone, while those in posts # 281, 295 and 296 are still there. Is there anything I can do to see all the cool photos on NAFEX posts again?
    Thanks for any advice,
  3. Thanks, Chris. Your advice on how to subscribe to a thread and select no e-mail notification was very helpful.
  4. Hi Kurt,

    Just subscribe to the thread and you will be notified. THe option is at the top right of the thread. Let me know if that helped

    happy hawking

  5. Hi Chris. I'm relatively new to nafex, and am enjoying it. Is there any way to set a default somehow that I don't automatically get email notification of replies to threads I've made posts in? I figured out how to go to my CP and then to reset the email notification to never, but that is a bit cumbersome.
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