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  1. Jeez, and now the Evil Yankees have gone and won the Series. Sigh...

    So you have access to Fenway to fly???? How'd you manage that? The Sox were in need of rat control? Man, what a great place to fly a bird. Hawking rats in front of The Monsta and then top off the day at the brewpub across the street. What's not to love?

    all best,

  2. Yeah it can be a little tough. Years like this one any way. Lot's of slips on rats in a park that old though!
  3. Hi jpg,

    Nice avatar. I'd never seen falconry bird in front of the Green Monster. Good on ya for being both a falconer and a Sox fan -- but really, that's more than any single human should take on, isn't it?


    Ron Clarke
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