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  1. So glad to see you here! I have to go outside and shave a goat, then I'm off for a riding lesson .
  2. I'm off to take my bird out to slate her bloodlust. Squirrels are all over here right now so I doubt I'll be gone too long
  3. Please clear your PM messages!!!
  4. !!!
  5. Forgot to tell you, just as I arrived at my parents' house my eyes caught sight of a huge bird taking flight from a tall pine in front of the house. It flew slowly out over the lake. It was a first year bald eagle, probably a female. She was huge!
    I'll be leaving for the dentist in about 20 minutes. Wish me luck!
  6. I just e-mailed Joseph. I'll let you know when I get a reply
  7. Check your answering machine!!
  8. Have to make a quick run to the feed store. First time today that it isn't raining bad and I have to run now. I'll be back in about thirty minutes.
  9. Hey there. Got a hold of the vet. He'll be here at noon tomorrow. He says that probably Lexx is getting into something that he's having this reaction to. And I'll need to lock him up in the front pasture for the next few weeks and get a guy in here to mow everything in case it's a plant, plus I've got to go out with round up and kill everything that I don't recognize (I'll also be spraying every stinging nettle I see LOL!).
  10. Don't go freaking out if you notice I'm not at the zoo today. I switched days with Esposito this week so that she could go to the AZA conference.
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