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  1. Hey Eric! Man I hope all goes well with Sky. She is an awesome RT. Take care man!
  2. David,
    Hey man! Yeah Sky is doing really well - That sounds like an awesome experience trapping on a ridge – Looking forward to your new thread about a big nasty hen RT that has big gorilla feet – Oh, it looks like the fat lady is starting to warm up with the Cards season- they got farther than I thought they would- Good luck
  3. Good morning Eric! Hope all is well man! Glad to see Sky turning on. Dude those feet look massive! Man I am ready to have a RT on my fist! I am up crack ass early because Gonehawkin and I are headed up to his ridge today and the weather looks near perfect! Hawk mountain saw 32 RT's yesterday and I am all cranked up! So wish me luck bud and HOPEfully I will be starting a new thread here soon! Take care pal and good luck in the field! Tell Q hey and go St. Louis!
  4. Hey Eric, how are things going? I hope you Q and the whole family are having a great summer. Man, I am sure you are anxiously waiting opening day of trapping season like me. We have big plans this fall. Bill (Gonehawkin) and I are going on a trapping exersion for a week, beginning on September14 th. We will be trying to get Bill a new Merlin. Then after that I will be focused on my new RT. Between road trapping and getting up on the ridge I am going to be pretty selective this year. How about you? Any big plans? What are you looking to fly this season? I hope all is well and I look fwd to hearing from you. Take care and stay cool!
  5. Hey Eric! How ya doin?
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