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  1. Scott, I just saw your GoPro Facebook photo, followed to your Parahawking site, then this forum. I’m continually amazed, even after 20 years, at how much there is new to find online!

    I’m an avid (over 35 years) participant and observer of falconry and hawking who just found out about Parahawking. Quite surprising. I talked about flying with hawks, in gliders - back in the '70s. Most were afraid a raptor would purposely or mistakenly 'attack' the wing.

    For me it was an unlikely action, unless: 1) harassing the raptor [stupid flyer gets what’s deserved!] or, 2) flying too close to a nest [dangerous any way!]. Likelihood - not impossible - but still not very likely.

    Interesting activity. Does conflict with my 'purist falconer' notions. If done with care and caution - I'm cool with it.

    Tell me - if you are willing -what IS the reaction you get from falconry traditionalists?

    Best success. Safe flying.

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