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  1. I live right by the Blackdirt and have been driving through there lately but haven`t seen any kestrels. Hopefully that changes soon. On Tuesday my wife goes back to work (she teaches) and drives through a lot of the blackdirt going to and from work. She can give me the report as to what is hanging out there. There are 2 juvy rts there regularly. Just trapped a red shoulder today in the sweedish gos trap 23.3 oz. tossed her after the wt was checked. / Mike
  2. Mike, my name is Emilio M. Ramos, I'm a falconer in Jersey. Phil Elijah and Brian Bunce mentioned your name when I was talking to them about trapping a kbird. I'm looking to hit the road in search of kbird. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great. I'm reconing the black dirt region of nys.

    Thank you in advance

    Be safe

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