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  1. Hi Paul! Things here have been so hectic, I honestly don't know if we ever exchanged phone numbers or not! LOL! Call me, if you would like at 936/897-1065 home or you can call during the week (except Wed - I'm off on Wed) at work 409/384-5292. Would be happy to talk with you about the test material. Never saw this message - I do read PM's didn't even know "visitor" messages existed!
  2. Hi Deb,
    A quick question for you. I see that you scored a 95% on the test (which is outstanding). What were your study materials? The California study guide is what most everyone on the forum says focus on. I have yet to hear anything from the state regarding my application. I believe Gary held onto my paperwork and didn't forward it on for a few weeks. I called him last week and he said he still had it!

    You've seen my posting about my mews being built. It's exciting to see progress in that area. But I'm stressing out a little regarding THE TEST.

    Hope you and your husband are well, and I am going to get down there one of these days and invite myself over.

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