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  1. oh so you have a falconry licenses already what level are you?
  2. Hi,
  3. thanks yea i pass the state falconry test already now im taking my hunters safety class and ill be taking a test for that on may 8th hopefully i pass!! i also just recently bought a GSP ill be training to hunt with me ass apprentice yea hopefully ths year would be nice lol! have you ever hunted
  4. Hi Falconer23, yeah I live here in Corona. I do have an ml. It would be good to meet you some day. Hope you go forward with getting your license. Looks like you got the bug.
  5. hi there i been a member on here for about two years and i haven't become a falconer yet but i plan on it this year i always come to corona i have friends that live in the area maybe if i found a master falconer looking for apprentices ill let you know!
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