Moving process from Boston to New York

  1. iolenta
    I will soon change my place of residence and will be moving from Boston to New York. My uncle lives there, who is now very sick and needs care. He is many years old and single. I can?t often go to him because of the long distance, so I decided to move. I don?t have a lot of things, but there are some that require certain conditions for their transportation. I will probably order this work from a moving company. Which one can you recommend?
  2. Andy
    It is difficult to make a specific recommendation without knowing more about the situation. When you are looking for a moving company, you should consider factors such as cost, customer reviews, insurance coverage, and the type of services offered. It is also important to make sure that the company is licensed and insured. You can find more information about reputable moving companies online.
  3. burulas
    You are right, you cannot leave an elderly uncle unattended. And then your uncle can leave you his home as a legacy. After all, it should go to relatives and not to strangers. But the moving company website will perform the move for you at the highest quality. Proper packing and loading onto a truck will prevent damage.
  4. iolenta
    Well, I didn’t think that my uncle would leave me an inheritance someday. My trip is connected precisely with the care of him, and we'll see. You shouldn't think about it now. But for the recommendation of the moving company, thank you very much. I will immediately contact her and find out all the nuances of the move.
  5. Andy
    Burulas, I don't think the main goal for the person in question is to get an inheritance. But anyway, thanks for the link and for giving us your opinion on the matter. I think taking care of relatives is the main purpose of creating and maintaining a family.
  6. burulas
    Well, why not think about it? Usually this is what happens if someone cares for a sick and infirm person, then they can even inherit their house and property. We are all right, but in our thoughts we are completely different.
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