Buying property in Antalya

  1. burulas
    Turkey today is in first place for investors investing their money in the purchase of real estate. And if some people buy whole apartments and hotels for a lot of money, then with my modesty I would buy real estate in Antalya on page Such a small house or villa nearby from the sea. What is especially appreciated if the housing will be rented out. Poets compose poems about Antalya. A beautiful resort washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the water in which is already warm for swimming in April and lasts this season until November. Even in winter, many people come to rest in Antalya. After all, sea air in such a period is even cleaner and healthier. And swimming can be compensated in pools with sea water. Sometimes Antalya is compared with Bodrum. But it's like heaven and earth. I would call Bodrum the capital of nightlife entertainment and Antalya is simply created for families with children.
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