Desperate for a Dog Grooming Wizard in Calgary

  1. Chando
    Hi all! Can someone point me to an expert dog groomer in Calgary? We just had a "fun" day where my poodle, Bella, thought rolling in every possible dirty spot was the game of the day. As a new resident, I?m clueless and in dire need of a grooming guru who can restore her to her former glory. Any leads would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  2. ihatenightmares
    Hey there! Welcome to Calgary, and it sounds like Bella had quite the adventure! I totally get the struggle—my retriever once turned himself into a mud pie during a hike, and I had no idea where to go. I stumbled upon a great site, Book now , while searching for someone who could tackle the mess. They really did wonders and were super gentle with him, which totally eased my mind. Maybe give them a try? They seem to know their stuff when it comes to turning our furry friends from muddy to magnificent. Good luck, and hope Bella gets back to her shiny self soon!
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