A trip to Munich

  1. Rammasurk
    Hey everyone, I?m planning a trip to Munich and I?m looking for a good transfer service. Can anyone recommend a reliable company with nice cars? I need something comfortable since it?s a long trip from the airport to the hotel. Thanks!
  2. Germanosrs
    There are several good transfer companies in Munich. I’ve used a couple of them myself. Munich Limousines is pretty solid—they offer high-end vehicles and their service is top-notch. Blacklane is another great option; they have a wide range of luxury cars and professional drivers. Both companies have been reliable in my experience.
  3. Jameena
    I live in Munich and can confirm what TravelGuru said. Munich Limousines and Blacklane are both excellent choices. If you?re looking for something a bit more affordable, you might want to check out MyDriver. They offer a good balance between cost and comfort. Also, all these companies allow you to book online, which is super convenient. And you can also use Transfer Munich Airport OCTOBERFEST because it is reliable
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