Where did you buy the radiators?

  1. Vikkii
    Woke up in the morning and there was water in the room. It turns out the radiator is leaking, most likely needs to be replaced. Where did you buy the radiators? Recommend a good store with a wide selection and adequate prices
  2. ann5
    Unpleasant situation of course, because of this I try not to save on such goods for the home and take the best quality. But you can save money if you order discounted radiators online, in which case you can get excellent quality at a bargain price. There are different sizes and even colors, you can pick up designer radiators. I often order through the Internet, it is much more convenient, saves a lot of time and money too.
  3. alexx
    I've never understood why so little attention is paid to radiators when planning interior design. After changing the radiators the apartment looks much more beautiful and cozy.
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