New desk

  1. Rammasurk
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good desk to make my work time more enjoyable and also to have a nice setup for gaming. Any recommendations? I really struggle with my old desk and find it kinda uncomfortable, so i want to buy something rather different. THX
  2. Jameena
    It really depends on your budget and space. For a great all-around desk, I recommend searching for something you will find good and comfortable for yourself. It's adjustable, so you can switch between sitting and standing, which is great for both productivity and gaming. It also has a solid build and clean design.
  3. Germanosrs
    I have one ergonomic standing desk, and the adjustable height feature is a game-changer. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, i suggest you to pick up another one, because you we are all different and we do not obliged to have similar tastes in such things as furniture especially. You can find absolutely anything online you know, as this is not actually a problem at all! Good Luck in your searchings
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