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    I set up the social group, Jeff. Check the thread and it tells you how to participate. Frootdog always likes to give me a hard time and he posted there. I tried to be polite. But, yeah, this group could be a useful way to alert other falconers to a wayward bird right away.
    I just think that it might be a useful thing to have.
  2. Hi Bill, I wish I was knocking down some birds. The gyrs are just beginning to mount. I knew it would be a late season for me but not this late. I have had to lean on my main dog hard to get him to quit busting birds and he finally held a nice covey of huns this eve. I had 5 sets today and the falcons did not mount I did get to see the gyrs poor it on in 2 tailchases though. The best set was on private ground without permission. Darn glad that I have a long season. I finally got some feathers for the rns/ barb tiercle and we were both at his flight ability with most of a full set. Nice to see a bunch of s tails!!
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    Jeff: How are you? I know your out knocking birds down and making the most of life. Has the snow moved in out ther yet? It's been a hard year here so far very little game don't know if all our fields have just been run to death by the dog hunters or just one of those down years. I'm planing on looking at some new places that i have just found and got permission to be on so I guess I'll see what happens. Take care and talk with you soon. And have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  4. Really crappy all day...not real cold but when the snow quit the wind blew. I ran a coulpe of setters and just put on a light coat. I am making the rounds to many of the old hawking spots lookin for grouse but today was a bust...likely for weather, they lay low. I finally gave up just before sunset(you couldn't see it anyway) and put both gyrs up just to see them mount, which they did not. Singe rebroke the long primary on her left when I went to put the tail mounted transmitters on. Between flights, my right hand got numb and I had to warm it on the defroster if i was to have time before dark.. not something recomended unless you like pain. I had a coupla scotches when i got in.
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    Hey Jeff hows the weather looks likeyou may have more snow, they are calling for some but nothing like what you get although you would think we were going to get a foot the way that they preping the roads. Hunted yesterday but onlyone rabbitslip and she was'nt in possion for it. Thank god or she would have bounced off a fence. Goin in the morning hope to find some CT's
  6. Yes, thanks, it has been a good evening and I hope your's also was good! The day was very trying with stress and some set backs, you know the kind where it is 3 steps back and by the end you manage to kick it out to 4 steps forward. We got more snow, Singe(the young gyr) snapped her longest primary on one wing, the computer went down and a few other odds and ends. I did manage to get in the field and although we did not kill a grouse, Lox did knock a bunch of feathers out of one in a poor quality, low level flight.

    On Singe's first day in the field this season, on the creance, her response was instant and she will go free tomorrow. After these, Hokus stooped the lure a few times and was recovered before sunset from some distant trees, it seems that I pushed him, one more stoop than he was ready for and he was winded on return.

    Before supper, my wife held Singe and I managed to slip her broken primary back into place without having to cast her.
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    GOOD evening to you sir I hope that this message finds you well and in good spirits and having a wonderful time in the field with lots of slips and truely enjoying your self and what you love doing. Jeff stay in touch I would love to here some of your stories of you and your falcons.
  8. I started at 14(1968) so I have been at this for 42 years.

    I have been jealous of a few with fine white, wild taken jerkins with there LACK of basic falconry knowledge and experience. I have prayed for deliverance and the lord has put some very fine falcons on my fist and some amazing grouse numbers in my hawking fields.

    Small town life is tedious and I am not liked by many and try to be a friend to all. In the end it is my relationship with god that makes the difference.

    I am not alone in thinking that our country is corrupt and is goin down, and it is better to live in the sticks. I have made sure that my local sticks is a place that has grouse and huns.

    There are gyrfalcons out there to be trapped, also increasing availablity of passage peregrines, for the price of a permit, the making of equip. and the cost of transport, until the law changes. Join clubs that promote falconry and keep the preasure on gov't and move to grouse country while it is still allowed.
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    I feel what your saying your a very wise man, I' read alot of your post and you have a welth of nolage in falcons and all that goes with it. I see what you meant when you frist told me about but out your heart and soul here your a heck of a man and I apprecate you even talking with me. I had a friend in Wyo. and know that life and making a decent living is very hard. But he alway told me if I was to ever come out I would never want to leave, guess it's true.
  10. Hi Bill, I was not born or raised here and I have sacraficed A LOT to get where I am and fly what I do. I didn't even think that it was possible before I met Mr. Dan and got shown around and then picked my own spot, in grouse country! The trick is picking a place that is small enough that you can still make a living in, or else bringing a money source with you. My family is in citys far away and it causes all kinds of bad feeling that myself and my wife are not much closer. The town that I live in is not friendly to outsiders and the pay dismal. If moving to grouse country sounds like something you want to do, I have made recomendations on nafex for where I thought was good...have a look! ATB
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