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    nafa survey

    man, i quit noticing how long that is. i was astounded by the number of jacks and reports of unfrozen ponds. alamosa is a great place for a meet so long as the game remains. my birds got two...
  2. CADFW

    you could call your DF&W or peruse its website to find out if they maintain a list of licensed falconers. calling a few in your area and asking the same question would probably get him into the...
  3. try this Club to locate a few different falconers...

    try this Club to locate a few different falconers in your area and ask if he can go out hawking with them.
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    i'm not sure if you are still interested, but i got many of the books listed on "the modern apprentice" website from a local library. inter-library loan is great. books came from all over...
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