Hi there. My name is Ben, and I'm a 4th generation native Northern Nevadan. I live in Reno, and am hopefully going to be moving out to the North Valleys again, where I lived, the first time, I sought out a sponsor, and kestrel, or RTH for my apprenticeship. Long story short, I've lived in a duplex near downtown, for the last 2 years, and am eagerly awaiting the end of our lease, so that I can have some more elbow room, (and hopeful Raptor room as well), and once again, try to embark upon a partnership with a bird, FINALLY.

I've hunted and fished in the Northern Nevada area, for almost all of my life (36 years so far), so I'm quite familiar with the area, and its quarries. When I used to work at the University (before I was hit by a car on my bicycle), I kept journals of the American Kestrels that inhabit Mackey Stadium, and their patterns, as well as their fledglings. It has been almost 5 years since then, and once again, my interests have directed me towards the world of Falconry yet one more time.

So with that said, I would LOVE to meet and get to know ANY of the other local Falconers/Hawkers, in the area, in the mean time. I am always free on the weekends, and would gladly tag along with any interested party, if they were so inclined, or would just love to simply chat, or talk on the phone as well.

I know one of the hardest things about Falconry, is being able to find a sponsor in the area, in which one lives. I'd hopefully like to be able to limit my frustrations, by meeting, and becoming friends with the active Hawkers/Falconers in the area, before I needed to actually obtain a sponsor for myself, so when the time arose, there'd be a higher likelihood for success, in actually obtaining one. Not to mention, the experience of being able to learn from first hand experience, is worth probably more than ANYTHING that a book is willing to offer.

I look forward to hopefully meeting MANY of you at some point, and joining you, in your shared love of Raptors, and the traditions, of Falconry. If you EVER would like to have a tag along, chat, or even just shoot the bull, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks a bunch for your time.
All the best,
Ben C.