I finally figured out how to actually add to my "Bio" and I guess I should introduce myself. I have been lurking on the forum and posted a few times with mixed results. For the most part it has been a positive experience. I think I will continue to observe.
I have been flying various BOP's since 1982. I was dealt a health blow in 1991 that changed my life. I was a veterinary Technician so all creatures great and small have always been my true love. BTW my hubby of too many years to count is also a falconer.
I enjoy when I can push myself and fly my male Harris'Hawk. I have 2, 1 is an 1982 hatch and the other is a 2009 hatch. Yes the old boy is still flying and still catching game.
I don't feel comfortable sharing my "whole " life story online but some of you longtimers out there know me and to those of you that don't here a little part of me is.