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    Default Great Opportunity

    Hello hood makers.

    As I downsize my selection of hoods that I want to continue to make and sell and seriously reduce the number of hoods I want to make each year, I have decided to offer many of my (over 100) hood patterns for sale.

    I am offering these at a very reasonable price.

    I will be offering many styles including Hungarian, Syrian, Anglo/Indian, Rufter, Desert Series, Open backed hoods, Brace-less Eagle Hoods, Kazakh patterns, Chinese patterns, Arab style, many one and two piece patterns, Dutch, Teardrop , etc. etc. etc.

    MANY OF THESE PATTERNS ARE NOT FOR THE BEGINNER and I do not have the time to walk a person thru the making of each hood. Many are untried but what a great opportunity for an individual to get a pattern, customize it to his or her skill and come out with " One never seen".

    Please note, my Khan, Wodan Khan and Dutch Hood Patterns are NOT

    So if interested please PM me and we will discuss what is available.
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    Ken Hooke
    Falconry Hoods International
    "Specializing" in unique, One Piece Hoods

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