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Call them up and give them the direct feedback, I bet they will make it right.

They're very good about this. I had a shipment a year ago when I was in TX. An ice storm had caused all UPS and FedEx shipments to be delayed for a day or two. Unfortunately, my quail showed up thawed and blood was everywhere (I think one of the plastic bags had a small hole). I called them and they made it right even though it wasn't their fault. Gotta love Texas and the ice storm one day and 85 degrees three days later.

From that same perspective, I lived about 15 miles from Big Cheese Rodent Factory in Ft. Worth. They are also good people and great when you need mice.

However, I can't say I'd pick one over the other. I'd usually just see who had a sale at the time I needed more food and went that route. Both stand up places with quality food. I can't comment on Big Cheese Rodent Factory's customer service because I never had an issue that warranted a solution on their behalf.