Mielikki arrived last Tuesday and I could not be happier. She is a female Finnish and a real love. Mielikki came home at 24 days. At 24 days she was exactly matched in development to my good friends 16 day old Female NA except she was a lot bigger. Her nickname right now is The Giraffe. I am glad I raised quail this year being she is putting down 2-2.5 quail a day! The food intake simply amazes me.
So far everything is going well. The only concern I have right now is her band. She currently has an RW band and I think she might have needed a bigger RX band. I am keeping a very close eye on this issue, and I do hope the RW will be big enough. Time and growth will tell.

Getting her out of the crate:


Hello, my name is Mielikki:

I figured out how to get out 29 days:

Hi daddy:

Mommy, can I cuddle:

My daughter and Mielikki watching TV: