I know that NAFEX does not support uploading of photos and files.

Being a computer guy, I get the headaches that go with all that. Besides the fact that the engine "under the hood" which powers NAFEX is not equipt to do so.

However, there are plenty of dicussions that come up refering to articles that people have written. In a handful of cases I ahve seen these transcribed into a thread, and thats a good solution in some cases...

But I think if there were a NAFEX library it would be even more helpful. Is there a feasable way to do this on the servers that host NAFEX? I have a web presence that I could do this through as long as the traffic is very limited - which I would expect it to be, but then its reliant on me to be around to offer it.

Of course, the real awesome answer would be for the Archives to go digital with their offerings, but that is a way out yet.