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Thanks Bob. However my hawks are never, nor never will be, called to a visible piece of food. The food is hidden, they never know what is there, and they will never know.

The problem is... SOLVED!! Woohoo!!! I guess the size of the rewards was the problem. Yesterday morning I went into the woods with him, in the car, and set him free. I let him settle in a tree, take a good look around, and then called him down from the window. I swear he stuck his tongue out at me! I then got out of the car and after calling him 3 other times, he came. I HATE rewarding bad behavior, but coming after 4 calls was better than not coming at all so he received the egg-sized piece of crow breast that I had hidden inside the glove. We went back to the car, did it again but this time his response was instant, again jackpot. Third try he came before being called and landed on the roof, and fourth time I never stopped driving and he had to work a bit to reach the fist while I was going forward.

After that I carhawked him for 2 days in town, for it was pouring outside so no chihuahuas or cats on the lawns. He was beautifully obedient, even when I went back to a variable schedule, and we are talking about a hawk with a fascination for all things human that led him to enter a house two years ago... I'm pretty happy, even if nothing was put in the bag, at least my bird acts as if I'm important again...