For years I have been asked to come up with an inexpensive "Rufter", style hood. Priced, so that it is great as a trapping hood, or as the "First" hood for the hawk or falcon. Well ,, after years of thinking about it,, here it is.. A One Piece Arab style Rufter. I went with the Arab back, as for your first hood it should not cause any pulled nape feathers, it is blocked differently, giving FAR more eye Clearence, it is a Bonded hood , keeping the price down and it is a ONE COLORED HOOD, you pick the Color.
I was able to pick up some "SWEET" hides for this hood,, only problem is that the "Backs" are fussy,, so I switched up the hide and have made the Inside,, the Outside. The new bird when first hooded has a Tendancy to scratch a new hood, not because the hood is a poor fit but that it is a new experience, with the fuzzy side out it will not Mar the hood..
This hood is also great for Breeders who are shipping out hawks and falcons,,
I plan on using the hood Pictured in my Saker full time,, she fell asleep 10 seconds after I hooded her.
I will be offering the Rufter for 45.00 plus shipping.. Eagle sizes coming soon!!