As most of you should be able to tell, I live in Alberta. I've only just started looking into Falconry, though I've been interested for about two years. I would really like to learn about falconry on horseback, and about how dogs are used in falconry. I've contacted my local F&W office, though they haven't gotten back to me yet. I've already been put into contact with two Falconers, plus a few others that have helped me out with some of my Questions here on NAFEX.

I don't have a sponsor, and I haven't even gone hunting with anyone yet, but it won't be long I've been told by my friends that I might actually be crazy enough to do this I told them they obviously don't know much about the sport. I love watching birds of prey, and I had to laugh when I saw a Bald Eagle watching the river while sitting on a 'No Fishing' sign.

There were a few people who responded... interestingly when I told them about my interest in Falconry 'You mean keep a hawk?! Like, at your house?!' 'Don't get an eagle, it'll claw your face off!' I just laughed quietly to myself

Now this doesn't really say anything about me, but I figure ya'll don't want to know every single detail of my life