Hey all,

I was thinking I might start a thread about this new little guy I am manning and trying to train with OC techniques. Prior to this I used the standard manning and training of RTs exclusively, so I am just getting started with clicker training. Please excuse me if my lingo isn't quite correct. I am reading Karen P's book and have been following the threads in here for a while (thanks for setting this up as a separate forum Chris).

Anyway, I thought I would log my journey in case anyone was interested. I always value constructive criticism so please let me know what you think.

So far, we have established food as the positive reinforcer and a clicker as the conditioned reinforcer. He first ate on friday and each tidbit was associated with a click. I have to admit here that I was initially CRing multiple activities that I found desirable, prior to pairing the CR with food. As I understand more, I believe I should have stuck to only clicking with food in the beginning as I am sure he didn't know what the clicks were about.

Saturday, he began jumping to the fist. Monday he creanced indoors very well and has progressed to a variable food reward but still a consistant CR for each jump. Tuesday, I went back to CRing the other positive behaviors such as leaning forward for the hood, stepping to the fist out of the box, etc. Today I plan to creance outdoors.

I know that this is the easy stuff, but hopefully the log will get more interesteing as I condition more complex behaviors... we will see if I can do it =).