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It's a simple question, what is the AFC doing to aid in reg adoption? Is there any outward reach to states to ensure they don't need help? As a national organization that is so outgoing on the behalf of falconers, I would think this should be the top priority. It's my curiosity if this is the case, that's all.

Paul's post sums it up really well:
I'm aware of Paul's summation but it doesn't allude to any state that actually needs help. You're aware of NAFA's offer of help to their members because you must be one. Not being a member of AFC you wouldn't be aware of their offer of assistance.

Mine is a simpler question, what state needs help? As I've already stated, AFC and NAFA have both offered help to their membership and both have responded to all that needed it. Yes, there is an outward reach by both clubs to their members. It's a top priority.

Do you know of a state that needs help?