I've have had good luck with imprinted tiercel falcons over the years. All have had good manners and been reliable hunters as they matured. My expierience with females is limited but not as successful (hold the jokes).

The one imprint female peregrine I had was previously an unsuccessful breeder and once I cut her down a little in weight and tried "tell her what to do" she got pretty nasty and aggressive. Other imprint females I've been around require everyone to leave the field besides their falconer before they are released to avoid being attacked. My understanding is that in the raptor world the female is the boss and if an imprint considers you her equal she is going to want to be in charge.

So my questions are to those who have expierience with imprinted females:

As a rule of thumb do they get aggressive and dominant as they age?
Can you avoid it?

Is aggression generally related to birds that have been/attempted to have been bred?

Is just better to go with a chamber raised female for a falconry bird?

Thanks for the input.