OK first you must upload your pictures to a server. There are a bunch of free servers that you can do this. I use photobucket as it is very simple and very friendly to use. They do video and pictures.

Registration page:


( create your own.. it is fast and easy)


Once logged into photobucket you need to uplaod your picture.

1) find the "browse" button. this is how you find the photo on your computer.

2)once you select the photo hit "upload"- this will upload your photo to photobucket.

3)After is has uploaded find your picture and below it there will be 3 boxes or fields. The last box is called "IMG code"..
Click that box and a it will auto copy the exact code you need for the forums...See attached pic)

all you have to do is post that code in the forums and the picture will show up. If you do not have that code then use the "insert image" button ( the yellow button with the mountain and sun) above to paste your pictures url to get the picture to show