For instance, when McDermott references a guy who successfully hacked multiple prairies from a rooftop in the middle of urban St. Louis...I just would love to hear more. It's even more interesting when he says (at the time of his writings), there had been zero losses so far among several falconers hacking more than a dozen accipiters.
The rest of the story:

The falconer that supposedly hacked out prairies was Alan Suliber in St. Louis. He was an old acquaintance of mine with an off and on relationship. Alan loved prairies and did a lot of the paintings in Beebe and Webster's books. Alan was not much of an accomplished falconer and was more of a keeper than a flyer. Mike never really knew Alan but learned about him through me. His claim of hacking prairies is dubious at best. He tried to breed praires for many years but failed. The closest he came was when he went out to Colorado one day and robbed a nest and placed all the eggs under his sitting prairie but none of the eggs hatched. Alan volunteered to watch my breeding project one year while I was at a NAFA meet. That was a disaster. But Alan had some good qualities as well. Alan is now in Wyoming serving a life sentence in Rock Springs in the Penitentiary.

As far as no one ever loosing a bird while hacking is dated. Mike might have made that claim when he first tried it but soon afterwards birds were lost including some birds of individuals who were hacking birds out with Mike.