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Here's a hood that is only 1 1/2 years old that I made for a fellow Utah falconer. He didn't tell me until earlier this year that the hood was a little big, though he used it regardless, and the bird scratched away. This is (was) "Karung" snake skin (why importers and traders call it Karung I have no idea). Barely held up a year. Lizard skin can hold up to most eagles for a few seasons before they look like this, and most falcons and hawks could probably never get a lizard skin hood to look like this.

Eagles can be tough on hoods and I don't think any hide would stand up to daily scratching if the hood isn't just right.I still think this hide will last a long time, we shall see these were made for larger falcons time will tell. You mentioned tanning process perhaps my hide was done differently than the hide you tried, never know,, the hide I have is pretty thick and tough, I have to disagree about the scales though they are very lizard like. Anway I like the look and am confident they will hold up if not I replace the hood.