I totally agree with you. However, the woman that I was responding to was not talking about establishing the conditioned reinforcer. She was talking about training specific behaviors, which would assume the CR was already established. As you know, this process is usually a completely different step at the beginning of the training process, even though I personally have started skipping that step.

Also, I know from talking to you at length that one can even use the CR without a reward to "encourage" a behavior that you want. (I'm just writing this for the others reading.)

I just simply disagree with anybody that states there is a time limit.

Don't get me wrong. Obviously you can't wait a week, but I have seen fantastic results that have happened as a result of approximately a minute or more between the CR and the reward. For example, I have been watching my bird from my balcony and when he did a certain behavior I would whistle, go to my fridge and grab a tidbit, then walk downstairs and out to him to deliver the reward. I have shaped several behaviors using this technique. Of course this is well after the bird has an established pattern of being shaped.

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I would say that depends on the point you are at in training, you agree Toby?

IME, when establishing the CR, the reward needs to be given quickly. As training progresses, the time delay can increase once there is a level of understanding established with the bird/dog etc. They know they performed the right action because it was marked with the CR and you can take more time to get a reward. The time gap will be dependent on many thing, I doubt raptors have as long of a gap as dogs given their mental processing speeds.