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Where are you getting your information about the "3 second rule?" Unfortunately, this just is not correct information that you are giving out.

Toby, you were not reading carefully. I also would appreciate being referred to by my name, as it is signed at the bottom of my post per forum rules, and not 'that woman.'

I said the time between the REWARD and the behavior is only about 3 seconds to make the association. I then followed said statement with one that said using a clicker, or CR, gives you more time to reward.

My meaning came across a little skewed when I said the timing between the click and the tidbit was important--and it still is, there should be a tidbit following each click, but it doesn't have to to be nearly as fast as without the CR.

Kitana provided a great source for the information, and I received my information through my education at Animal Behavior College and through my behavioral psychology degree, since you asked.

Maureen -
The behavior has been shaped since the day I got him, to be patient and wait for my to feed him. He is a full-food imprint using Steve Layman's method--my log is under the Imprinting forum, titled "Blackjack, 2012 tiercal NA goshawk" or something similar. Good luck with your RT!