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Ally, thanks for the informative reply. I like the idea of having time to reload with a tidbit in the glove while the hawk is busy with one on the ground. That really helps a lot. After all the reading I'd done, things weren't clicking (horrible pun, I know) for me until you put it to me that way.

BTW, it's cool that you're able to have tidbits visible to your imprint gos while training. I thought that would be the last thing you'd be able to do with an imprint gos. How are you able to do that, if you don't mind me asking? A gos, and an imprint gos, are in my future falconry plans, so I'm curious.
I have watched Steve Layman working with his imprint goshawks. When he delivers a tidbit, he hands them a rabbit leg in his bare hand, and the goshawk tears off one tidbit. Then steve puts the rabbit leg out of reach.

Its an example of what one can accomplish when you are very careful abotu what behaviors you are rewarding.