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You are absolutely correct. I didn't read that carefully. I apologize.
No problem Toby, apology accepted!

Yep, been called many worse things, but there's no need to be rude. I totally understand not wanting to start over writing you post. That's why I use the "CTRL + C" command on my keyboard to copy what I've already written if I need to go back.

Or, I just refer to previous posts, like your first one, where someone has already mentioned the name of the person I am addressing.

If I didn't make it clear before, the "3 second rule" is NOT, in fact, a rule, but a general guideline that I have found with dogs and seems to carry over pretty well to make that exact association I want. It can be difficult to do without a CR, which is why operant conditioning and conditioned reinforcers are so incredibly powerful in shaping behavior. They capture the exact moment or behavior you are looking for without the delay that reaching for a tidbit (or other treat) can cause. I love operant conditioning, I am a firm believer that it can turn a "good" trainer, falconer, teacher, whatever, into a great one.