I would just do it in a spreadsheet, take a screen shot and post the image. But I am kind of lazy that way........

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I'm assuming the average user has a hard enough time getting pictures to post, so I don't think being able to make tables would do anything for them.

HTML Code:
Then again, neither do these HTML tags. Seriously, why does this exist?
Every now and again someone asks for some kind of tabulated data, or something best expressed in tabular form. Example: something like this was requested at some point. I would like a way to put these in posts without having to resort to external links or screenshot / other gimmicks.

Here's a gimmicky way of doing it:
TEST  |  COL1   |  COL2
ROW1  |  DATA11 |  DATA12
ROW2  |  DATA21 |  DATA22

I want there to be a "right" way to do the above. Google tells me that [TABLE] tags exist for this. Maybe they have to be installed or enabled or something. I've never run forum software before, so I don't know the details; I figured y'all might be able to fill those in.