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    Default Phoenix (nickname Finn the Shin)

    Well I guess I will go ahead and introduce my new little charge. I met up with a group of falconers a few states north of me and joined in on a mission to pull some shins for several falconers. I believe 11 falconers in all got one. I got to climb 3 nests.......not. I watched 3 nests be climbed and was able to get one of the chicks. I am hoping mine is a musket. I got a longtime sharpie guy to guess the sex instead of me trying. I will be happy either way, but hope its a guy. I know compared to my buddy's chick, Finn's legs are much daintier and Finn is a day or two older than his by appearance. I am guessing he is 11 days old or so today, so I will post by day. I was going to just do a log at home and then post it all at once, but I will just update here separately. I am doing the whole full food association deal. It will be a whole new game for me as even though I have raised a gos and a coop, I have always hid the food and cut the weight fairly quickly and won't be doing that this time. I weighed his smaller container today and then later weighed it with him in it (I split his time with some in the little container and some in his imprint box) and he is 90g today with a little bit of food in him. He can just barely stand and then falls over on his head. He did hack up a casting today. He seems quite comfy and the family is all over him. I had a great time on the trip as I had my son along with me for our first big father/son adventure and a good friend put us up and went with us, so it was nice to spend time with him too.
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