I'll do my best to keep up with this thread in hopes that those with helpful ideas will share them, and everyone else (including me) can learn something new. I met up with a group of falconers from all over the US last weekend and we set out to check the shin nests. Two of the nests we checked had already hatched, but been destroyed by a predator. Both nests had down and blood in them. Fortunately the rest of the day was much better. A bit of eggshell and a molted feather near a butcher block was a good sign.

The car ride home was long and packed and we probably smelled pretty bad, but we had entertainment.

Mine is the one at the very top of the group photo, the others ending up in Missouri, Colorado and California. This last pic is his tail as of the this morning. I'm guessing around 13 days old based on the growth. So far all he really does is preen, eat several small meals, sleep a couple hours, and repeat. He has been trying to stand up but isn't strong enough yet. He has been coming with to the high school summer school class I teach and doesn't seem to notice the noise or chaos.