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Thread: 2013 Sharp shinned hawk. "Sweet P".

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    Default 2013 Sharp shinned hawk. "Sweet P".

    I wasn't going to post pics or start a thread but I am getting harrassed, so here you go ya vultures.

    Pulled june 15, estimated 8 days of age. Female sharpie "Sweet P". P is short for Pterodactyl. She will be a full socialization imprint with full food association otherwise known as "Hand fed". No fear shown out of the nest tree with slight hesitation after one day at home. No noise or chittering so far and has been eating like a horse. Socializing with the dogs and daily car trips have already begun. Starting to show feather ferrules protruding from the down now. She is also starting to stand and flap. Should not be too long before she stands for longer periods. Diet is consisting of sparrow entirely at this point with food being left on her lure. Her visual accuity is starting to pick up as she sits and watches everything now, following it with her head. Eyes are brightening just a little to a darkish blue. Placed in a smaller, lower sided nest bowl today with astro turf to clean her original nest bowl. I think she likes this one better.
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