Recently I have been researching imprinting so I hope the definition has not been previously reviewed on NAFEX. If so please hit the delete button.

Because we as falconers spend so much time with the subject I thought it would be of interest.

One of the definitions I found on the web is: A rapid learning process by which a newborn or very young animal establishes a behavior pattern of recognition and attraction to another animal of its own kind or to a substitute or an object identified as the parent.

Among the many observations is another form of imprinting to the animal's environment but this may not fit in with imprinting as defined above.

Imprinting among birds was said to occur immediately after hatching for ducks and game birds. But as we all know hawks imprint some days later for example the sharpie at about 8-10 days, the Cooper's at about 16-20 days and a few days later for the gos.

Naturally defining what imprinting is not is also of interest such as withdrawal. Opinions about withdrawal range widely among the falconry community ranging from those who feel a person must spend every waking moment with the hawk to those who feel that once set that imprinting will remain.

Of some interest is the difference between its effect upon species and individuals.