Hi guys,

With all these talks lately about imprinting new birds, be they falcons, gos, or sharpies, and the very real prospect of raising my own imprint gos next season, my head got turning.

We talk and talk about the ways to imprint them, go Recipe or OC, handfeed or not, tame hack, wild hack, AI, etc. We talk about how to hunt them, hopefully higher in weight, let them develop by themselves or not, etc.

But there is one thing I almost never read about: it's how we live with these birds once the imprinting process and growing up thing is done. How do we deal with an imprint in regular, day-to-day life of a falconer and his/her bird? Are things done differently only for the growing-up period, or do the falconer have to adjust and change things through the whole life of the bird? Keep it in the house for an example, etc?

I am afraid I'll get a single answer that says "no, nothin's different", and that will be the end of this thread. But I want to make sure I've got all bases covered before I jump in with no way back. Are there differences in a falconry bird's day to day life inherent to how the bird was raised?