I picked this coops up at roughly 8 days old from a friend that pulled him from the nest last week. I've been going through old Nafex posts for threads on eyas coopers hawks, and since there aren't that many, I figured I'd start one too. This is my first imprint bird, so I sure hope I don't make too many mistakes. I'll be following along with Steve Layman's method as best I can, and I'll try to keep this thread up to date with the good and the bad.

Sherlock is about 14 days old as of today and though he still sleeps for large chunks of the day, he's beginning to walk around on wobbly feet and exercise his wings every now and then. I've been hand feeding him since the day I got him and leaving a dish of chopped meat in his nest box 24/7. I've been clicking with my tongue when feeding in place of a clicker, but he hasn't quite made the connection yet. He's only just today showed the confidence to feed himself though, so I'll start putting his food on top of an opened quail or his lure instead of a dish.

He's been pretty social and doesn't seem frightened of anything yet. The dogs will play around him with no problem, and when out of his box, he'll wander a few feet then come back and flop against me with a small chitter. He was mobbed by a small group of young children today, and he didn't even bat an eye. I have the time right now to be with him all day long, so Sherlock comes everywhere with me. He seems to love the car rides the most. He's beginning to get more mobile and active, but he seems confused about his feet still. He nibbles his lure and the spare hood I keep in his box, but that's as much as he does so far.

I can't believe how fast he's been growing!

Edit: Sorry, realized this should probably go in the Imprinting category