Hello everyone! My name is Raymond Mason and I am extremely interested in falconry. I don't currently at the time have a raptor of my own; however I am planing on getting into falconry whenever I can.

At the moment I am living in a sub town of Las Vegas. We have all kinds of desert critters around here. Once in a while I will see a hawk start making a circle and patrol an area. I really don't think I can take my raptor on regular hunts at the moment so that is what is stalling me for the time being. Since I know raptors need to be feed full animals that they would catch in the wild naturally everyday I thought about something; do you guys usually hunt and gather as much game as possible to last the raptor until the next weekend hunting? I think I am going to go that route.

I have a lot to learn, and I do not consider raptors as pets; I like to call them "Hunting Partners". I consider it a prilivage to be a part of their hunting activities. I hope to get to know you guys better and hopefully learn along the way.