I know it is still too early for a lot of you...but this past weekend I got some road trapping in and thought I would share a few of my pics. Nearly every passage redtail we came across could be heard food begging. All birds were released.

Feel free to add your own pics to the thread.

The first bird of the day...40oz

We spotted this pretty little gal zipping around an industrial area. 140g

This little male had a nice reddish hue to his tail.

Last...but not least is a horrible pic (taken through binoculars) of a Leucistic Adult Redtail. But...if I didn't include a pic no one would believe me. We've tried trapping this bird on 2 separate occasions...but she has shown ZERO interest in what we have to offer. She seems to be all white...except her wingtips are blackish and one tail feather appears to be half red.