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My new Aplomado was terrified of the hood because I had to hood her and crop tube her with meds. I had no time to try and introduce the hood properly....Two days of doing the HLT and I can get the hood on her for a second..amazing!....I'm talking about "total freak out" if she even saw a hood from 5 feet away.....
Highly recommend trying it if you have trouble hooding.. I am a clumsy "hooder" and if I can do it...Tim
Was watching your HLT thread, Tim, as it came up in my search, hoping for more info... thank goodness for google.

No work today (but did HLT Blue once, after I took his hood off, cue, after weighing him this morning). The two birds are getting reminded how great food is after being fed well last 3 daily kite sessions - weight creeping. They can still put on weight pretty quick as their body fat to muscle ratio is not close to where it needs to be. When Blue is there, his furnace runs extremely hot. G/P hybrids will kick that gyr snake like metabolism when needed.