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The issue I'm worried about is eventual association of my hand as food. So provoking grabbing at my free hand when I'm messing with jesses, etc. Not necessarily being worried about getting footed while I'm trying to do the high level tidbitting. I'm more concerned with down the road after using this technique. I've only seen information about it being applied with falcons, never buteos.
My experience with this is extremely limited - just one red-tail - but I've done high level tidbitting a great deal with Breeze, with good success and nothing I consider to be a problem. Have control of his jesses, so he can't foot during the HLT sessions. Naturally he now knows, that at least sometimes, food comes from the right hand. On occasion, I see him studying my right hand with great interest. When he does I simply show him both sides of the hand, fingers spread - so he is aware nothing is there. He immediately loses interest in the hand and we go on with whatever it is that we were doing.

On THIS bird, SO FAR, we have had no overlapping issues due to using the HLT techniques. Results for other folks might be entirely different.