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"High Level Tidbitting" is not a training technique. Its a method of delivering tidbits used in more generic positive reinforcement training methods. Jim Nelson who coined the term and claimed ownership of the idea and championed it was using it with Operant Conditioning.

Jim wasn't the first with the idea - many others have come up with it on their own (myself included) but he was the one to discuss it in depth and coin a term for it.

Many have asked will it work on "footy prone birds?" Yes it will. Actually, the redtails that have been pointed at as being "nasty footers" are sweethearts compared to imprint accipiters. At least every redtail I had was a sweetheart compared to most of the imprint accipiters I have had.

The magic behind brining the tidbit in from above is that it triggers the very passive food begging behaviors that young raptors express towards their parents who are passing a bite of food in to them in their beak. These food begging behaviors remain active throughout the life of a hawk, even though they are not normally used beyond dispersing from their parents.

While they are in this passive mode, they will not fight for food, but they may bit at it aggressively. There is also the possibility that they will reach for the food before it gets over their head. This is where its important to keep control of the jesses.

One key thing to bear in mind, even with HLT as a delivery method for tidbits is that it is important to train for manners. If your hawk is behaving well, give it the tidbit. If its being impatient or otherwise being a #@$%@#$%, wait it out and give the tidbit when it is showing some appropriate manners.

I have been handing tidbits to all my hawks with my bare hands for my entire 19 year falconry career. This has included 4 passage redtails, a Harris, and many imprint goshawks. I wont say its simple to do, but if someone as bungling as I am can pull it off, you can too.

Or you can deliver tidbits another way, like toss them on the floor and have the hawk go down and get them.
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