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The issue I'm worried about is eventual association of my hand as food. So provoking grabbing at my free hand when I'm messing with jesses, etc. Not necessarily being worried about getting footed while I'm trying to do the high level tidbitting. I'm more concerned with down the road after using this technique. I've only seen information about it being applied with falcons, never buteos.
I have never had a case of a hawk that I have hand fed associate my hand with food except when it had an expectation of being handed food, such as when I give the Conditioned Reinforcer.

Its not like the hawk suddenly thinks that your hand is food because you hand it tidbits. Although I have had some hawks, including the imprint female goshawk I am working with now, who didn't bother to discern between when the tidbit in fingers ended and my finger began. But even in these cases, I never need to worry about them just going for my hand.