I've worked with a few at a rehab center that were actually quite calm. They're one of my favorite birds, which is why I'm so interested in trying it. Tough from what I've seen, they're a lot like red-shoulder hawks in the focalization department. So it would be more like a flying car alarm. XD

From what I believe, one can fly an osprey in Florida. It's just not recommended. I haven't seen any official rules yet that say "no". I assume it's just like with red shoulder hawks. They just don't make good falconry birds so most people don't use them.

Kevin- I actually work in Orlando, so any time you want to chat falconry I'd be happy to meet you somewhere.

I wi certainly let you know when I get closer. Sadly it's probably a long way off at this point. XD I tend to get ahead of the game when I get excited over stuff.

As far as animal behavior, for the most part, it was my college degree. I took classes on training and behavior and cognition, as well as a lot of zoology courses. I've used that training in real world settings like zoos to start up OC programs with various animals (mostly crocodilians). I also try to read up on animal behavior studies when I can. I'd love to do some research programs with corvids, but that's not likely at my current job. :/

The training aspect of falconry fascinates me, as well as the differences in raptor management for zoo like facilities vs. raptor management by falconers. I'm a pretty firm believer that training is good enrichment for animals and that there really isn't anything you can't train a critter to do.

I'll probably start a thread up on here whenever I get around to trying it out. But it could be a couple years.